Turkey Target

Turkey Target

SKU: 3D_Turkey Target

We can't get over the iridescent color on the feathers of this bird! Neither will you! The wonderful array of feather color, pattern, and lifelike "Gobbles" makes for a perfect target and wall display. A great addition to the Arrowdart Target line by Revolution Innovations.


Product Dimensions: 28 in. x 3.5 in. x 17.5 in.


    Our targets are produced from superior quality flex-foam that allows for a continuous dart proof skin that heals after darts and blow-darts are removed. Each animal target comes with a pre-finished molded paint job to blow your mind! 

    Each animal target comes with 3 standard throwing darts. 

    Each animal target comes with standard ASA simulated scoring rings. 

    Each animal target comes with unique wildlife designs used for extra scoring options.  

    Arrowdarts sold seperately.


    Products may be returned or cost re-funded on a case by case basis depending on the cause and severity of initial breakage or product defect at the time the product is received by the buyer. 


    Products are generally shipped from out warehouse within 24 hours of purchase, although this is subject to availability and quantity purchased. Tracking information is available by email and request.