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Father and Son


From the sculpturing to the painting, our targets are as much dartboards as they are art pieces. Incorporating over 40 years experience into each design along with the intricate attention to detail, your purchase is our portfolio.




Healing FOam 

Our foam is specifically designed to heal after it takes a dart. Our targets heal faster than a comic book hero, assuming that’s a thing. For now rest assured in the amazing, long-lasting target.

Our targets are field tested taking thousands of dart shots, making them durable and long lasting.

Field  Tested

Every journey has a story and a beginning. Everything we make and do is from Wisconsin, USA. Starting with clay and foam Brian Johnson sculptures each animal with lifelike appearance and habitat. Next we build a custom mold for each sculpture to make sure the finest detail is preserved. Once we prepare to pour or cast each target our rich colors are added for a more durable finish. Then we pour our foam. Next we rotate the mold, set the mold and let the foam form and cure. Once the product cools we retrieve the target. Finally the product is cleaned and made ready to ship. 

Our Process

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